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During the beginning stages of creating Milky Candles, one of my biggest missions was to remain as sustainable as a product-based business possibly can. As a small business, I am often playing tug-of-war between cost of materials, quality of product, + overall cost of product. I work diligently to ensure that our items are produced in a way that make us feel proud to sell them.

Milky Candles are made in small batches in Phoenix, Arizona. The cement vessels are hand-made and the candles are hand-poured.

The cement vessels were created with up-cycling in mind. Once the candle has been burned and the materials have been cleaned out, these cement vessels and their lids can be reused for so many things; salt + pepper holders on the counter, coasters, q-tip + cotton ball display, hair tie + clip holder, and, my personal favorite, whatever-fits-in-it-on-my-bedside-table. They can even be used as small pots for your hard-to-kill plants. Don't attempt to drill a hole in it, though. It will crack the cement and you'll be left with... well, nothing. 

How can I clean out my cement vessel?
You will need a spoon and a blow dryer. Both of which you'd prefer to not use for anything else other than this purpose. 

Soften the wax with the blow dryer (try not to actually melt it too much as it will get messy and will stain the outside of your cement vessel). Once softened, spoon out the wax. Continue softening and spooning until all the wax is gone. Then, use your blow dryer to heat up with wick and slowly spoon out the wick/wick sticker. If the sticky residue from the wick sticker doesn't come off all the way, that's okay. Use alcohol and a cotton ball to wipe the rest off. Please make sure to never rinse or pour any wax down the sink. That will lead to an expensive visit from your plumber. Take it from my experience. 


Milky Candles are made with a soy/paraffin blend wax. Although there are a lot of myths behind the use of paraffin, we can take pride that the paraffin wax we use is a food grade wax; it's the same type of wax you would find on your fruit and vegetables at the grocery store. Additionally, both soy and paraffin waxes are non-toxic, and any "toxicity" of a candle is dependent on the choice and amount of wicks and fragrance oil used. Read about our clean scents and natural wicks below!

Find out more about food-grade paraffin wax here.


We use a combination of crinkle paper from a woman-owned company and biodegradable packing peanuts. 

We love crinkle paper because not only is it recyclable, but it also reduces material use which in exchange reduces the energy consumption in order to make it. 

We also love our biodegradable packing peanuts because they are made from non-toxic sources like wheat + corn starch. You can dissolve them under the faucet or throw them into your compost piles. Here's a bonus: biodegradable packing peanuts are not staticky, so they won't stick to your... well, everything.

Person putting packing peanuts in
Close up of white cotton wicks of oil la


Our candles are made with CD wicks; they are made of all natural pure cotton and are free of metal, zinc, + lead. Paper is also woven into the wicks and they are coated with an all-natural wax. Additionally, these wicks will curve when lit in order to give a slow, even burn. When your candle is lit, you can feel confident that your wicks are not emitting harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.


Our Milky Candles are created with "clean scents". What does that mean? They exclude phthalates, carcinogens, and other cancer-causing ingredients that require a Proposition 65 Warning in California label. Our scents are guilt-free, as they don't cause harm to you, your loved ones, or your fur babies.


We've taken the extra step to make sure that the paint we use to seal the inside of the cement vessels is safe for candle usage. We proudly use the Earth Safe Finishes Preserver/Sealer which is water based, excludes VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) + heavy metals, and is non-toxic.

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