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Shadow on the Wall



My name is Lacie and I am the owner of Milky Candles. I created my business in hopes of inspiring others to take control of their own mental and physical space.


As a teenager, I began my own candle-making journey as a way of creating a comfortable atmosphere in my bedroom. During most of my childhood, I was able to rearrange, paint, and control my own bedroom. However, after foreclosure, I was unable to transform my new space as much since we were now renting. Having the ability to control the scent was one of the only ways that allowed me to find peace.

After a decade of crafting candles for my close friends and family, and with enough persuasion from my Mom + girlfriend, I decided that sharing this experience with others with high quality materials was my next move. Thus, Milky Candles was launched March 2021 and I've been ecstatic about my growth personally and professionally.  


Milky Candles are created with quality ingredients and sustainability in mind. Find out more about our mission to stay sustainable here

Additionally, I am the creator of the modern, cement vessels some of our candles are sold in (personally, my favorite design thus far). I wanted to make a product that was modern, accessible, and reusable even after the candle has been burned. These cement vessels take a lot of physical labor, but they are worth the beauty.

To continue being more accessible to candle-lovers, I have recently added a new glass collection. Due to the amount of time and labor the cement vessels take, I wanted to have another option that didn't require as much time to produce but that still offered a handsome, quality product. 

Click here to follow the Milky Candles journey on instagram @milkycandlecompany

Send us an email at if you ever have questions

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